Kids At The Table is a pop-up dinner with a purpose and since 2015 has positively impacted over 500 Los Angeles, Portland, Chicago, and Detroit teens in the follow areas:

HEALTH: Participants get the opportunity to sit-down and experience a healthy, whole, freshly prepared dinner created by local catering companies, chefs, or restaurants hosted by L.A. based chef and program creator Chef Bryce Fluellen

PROBLEM SOLVING/ENGAGING CONVERSATION:  Students are led by a mentor to engage in critical conversation at the dinner table with their peers and provide solutions on current issues within their community ( E.g. Social media )

ETIQUETTE: Lessons on proper table manners


“Breaking bread together is a fundamental and universal ritual that connects all people everywhere and across history. It’s an everyday activity, and yet ancient and ancestral. In this way, food is an amazing entry point for discussing societal issues because it is familiar and unifying for diverse communities.” - Clare Fox, Executive Director, LA Food Policy Council

“At Kids At The Table, we firmly believe in the power of the dinner table as the foundation for conversation, connection, and communion! - Chef Bryce, Founder of Kids At The Table

“ I had such a great time participating in Kids At The Table! I ate salmon for the first time and also conquered my fear of public speaking.  Getting up in front of my peers and sharing my thoughts and opinions was something I thought I’d never do.  I can’t wait for the next event!” - K. Lopez, Student, John Muir Middle School, Los Angeles, CA


 Kids At The Table sponsors include: LA Promise Fund, CBS Entertainment Diversity, Nike/Brand Jordan, Penny Lane Centers, Whole Foods Market, John Muir Middle School, United Way SE Detroit, Detroit Food Policy Council, Darryl Porter Entertainment, Miles Davis Estate, Uproxx Media, and Hyperion Public.

Kids At The Table is in fiscal partnership with Planet Lunchroom 501(c)(3) #27-0303992.  For partner and sponsorship opportunities please contact us at or 818-284-2622.